Scope of Research at CETH

It is beyond doubt that our country, Saudi Arabia should be at the frontiers of research in the region, we firmly believe that investing the effort, money and manpower in this area of great importance in gaining a world recognition for our centers of excellence in the world map of scientific research.

The CETHR is expected to provide a permanent mechanism for bringing collaborative teams including researcher scientists, academic staff, clinicians (hematologists, oncologists, family & community medicine specialists, endocrinologists, rheumatologists and obstetrics & gynecology specialists), diagnostic imaging consultants, diagnostic & molecular laboratory consultants, allied health scientists and specialists, clinical scientists among others, together at KSU under the umbrella of CETHR. They will plan, coordinate and conduct collaborative, multidisciplinary studies designed to provide deeper understanding of the diagnosis, management, therapy and prevention of thromboembolic disorders and to optimize the health and wellbeing of patients at risk in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. The CETHR will provide opportunities forgraduate and undergraduate students to engage in biomedical and clinical research and learning processes and activities and receive training in scientific procedures related to specific programs in the area of thrombosis research and the transfer of biotechnology and health care technology. Advances in better understanding of thromboembolic complications require novel multidisciplinary approaches. Such approaches will build on the current nucleus of Thrombosis and hemostasis research and clinical activities at KSU and will provide a synergy essential for interdisciplinary work in thrombosis. This will be achieved by adding more resources and support services together with academic staff from various departments of the several health institutes at KSU including: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Computer Sciences together with the support of KSU Hospital and other health care providers in Saudi Arabia.

In the next FIVE years, the CETHR will articulate a plan, comprising of several research programs in thrombosis with exciting research opportunities to develop areas of excellence in biomedical and clinical research and contribute to putting KSU among leading universities in the region. In addition, it will achieve part of the objectives of the MOHE Strategy to enhance Scientific Research in Saudi Universities and the Kingdom. For achieving the vision, mission and goals of the CETHR, in the coming five years through the following FIVE Research Programs that exemplify the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead and are proposed as part of CETHR:

(I) Thrombosis & Hemostasis Core Research Program:

Discovery and Development of Novel Therapeutic and Diagnostics

a) Thrombosis & Hemostasis Nanotechnology/Biotechnology Research Program

b) Thrombosis & Hemostasis Stem Cell Research Program

c) Thrombosis & Hemostasis Biomarkers and Pharmacogenomics Research Program


(II) Thrombosis & Hemostasis Clinical Trial Research Program:

Conduct Epidemiological studies through multicenter in the Kingdome to identify risk factors, demography, and potential solutions to the thrombosis and hemostasis risk 

Conduct clinical trials to define the response rate of Saudi patients to existing and new medications

Introduce novel diagnostic and therapeutic strategies

(III) Thrombosis & Hemostasis Transfusion Research Program:

(IV) Educational Programs:

Continuing Educations for the multidisc plenary team members through organized journal clubs and conferences

Education and increase awareness among the public for the prevention of thromboembolic complications and hemostasis problems

Clinical Trials:

Education Unit

This will harbor the offices of the staff involved in coordinating educational activities of the various programs of CETHR. They will use the various teaching/lecturing rooms and facilities at KSU. It will be involved in the coordination and organization of the following educational activities as per the CETHR’s programs collaborating with all needed Units, Departments, Faculties, Staff and Hospitals to achieve the expected outcomes:



National symposia

International symposia taking place in Jeddah

Outreach education programs

Awareness campaign on thrombosis

Short courses

Hands-on training

Other activities as per the directives of the CETHR Management

It will be supplied by all needed furniture together with a photocopier and office supplies needed for  educational activities and development.

Publication and Communication Unit

It will be responsible for the production of the CETHR’s prospectus, guidelines, protocols, the annual progress reports, the final reports and course brochures. It will be responsible to produce other communication and educational materials for all the CETHR programs that include, but not limited to the following:

a) Brochures

b) Posters

c) Fliers

d) lecture/presentation notes

e) Newsletter of CETHR

It will be responsible for maintaining the information on the website of CETHR and its activities always current. It will contribute to the development, design and production of digital publications as per the directives of the CETHR management. It will utilize the latest publishing digital technology and contribute to the development of CETHR’s internal website and CETHR’s identify.

Total Quality Management Unit

This unit will support the Executive Management of the CETHR to enforce the practice of total quality management in the center in all the research programs. It will create the culture of ensuring continuous performance monitoring and compliance with international standards of total quality management at all levels. It will report directly to the Executive Director of CETHR.

Outstanding Research: The extent of CETHR’s contribution to national and international pools of thrombosis and health-related knowledge, its contribution to the development of a national research collaborative research center of excellence through its research activities, outcomes and research programs in relation to the diagnosis, management, therapy and prevention of thrombosis and the ethical standards of defining CETHR’s research achievements.

Excellent Researchers and a Robust Research Environment: The participation and contribution of highly trained and competent multi-disciplinary research staff, scientists, clinicians and others to the research studies, activities and research programs of CETHR. This also includes an assessment of CETHR’s contribution to the development and maintenance of a robust, national and international attractive state of-the-art research set-up for thrombosis research in Saudi Arabia.

Partnerships and Public Engagement: The CETHR’s role in the development and strengthening of partnerships and linkages between various governmental, private sector and/or biotechnology and health care industries together with other national and international universities and other thrombosis & hemostasis research centers and linkages in innovation and transfer of technology to Saudi Arabia. This will go further to include processes to build research capacity and infrastructure, to make effective use of resources, to build interdisciplinary team approaches to research and to share best practices in research support, evaluation and impact.

Translation and Use of Knowledge: The CETHR’s leadership role, processes and functions in the communication, dissemination and uptake of research knowledge and expertise resulting from the use of research knowledge and the impact resulting from its use.

Organizational Excellence: The CETHR’s leadership processes and coordination with regard to thrombosis research, innovation in programs and activities and policies related to organizational effectiveness and the quality of the work environment.

Higher Education and Public Awareness: The extent of CETHR’s contribution to the development of undergraduate and postgraduate education in relation to carrier development and provision of courses, workshops, seminars, national and international meetings and symposia. For each of these themes, various performance indicators (including both output and outcome indicators) are identified to assess the performance and achievements of the vision, mission and objectives of the CETHR.

Posted on February 13 2012

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