Key project to be carried by The CETH

(A) Utilizing Nanotechnology and Biotechnology in Discovery and Development

1.   Camel Heparins Production in Saudi Arabia as an alternative to Porcine Heparin and LMWHs

The CETH will produce and characterize camel heparin and LMWH for preclinical and clinical evaluations as detailed below. Additionally, the CETH will add a great deal of innovation to the manufacturing process and the oral delivery of heparin and LMWH using nanotechnology approaches.

2.   Camel FVIII Production in Saudi Arabia as an alternative to Porcine FVIII for hemophilia

The team will explore the therapeutic potential of camel FVIII in the management of hemophilia patients who develop anti-human FVIII antibodies, such patients when they need FVIII therapy, on many occasions, decline using the commercially available porcine FVIII. A similar situation has arisen before with respect to porcine insulin in diabetics who develop anti-insulin antibodies.

(B) Thromboembolic complications in Sickle cell disease patients

(C) Thromboembolic complications in Cancer patients

(D) Thromboembolic complications in cardiovascular patients

(E) Thromboembolic complications in mentally ill patients

Posted on May 13 2012

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