Guiding Principles

The center expands awareness and enhances knowledge and understanding of Thrombosis & Hemostasis to maximize prevention for those at risk and encourages the transfer of developed technologies and therapies to enable biotechnology ventures that provide know-how and stimulate regional economic development.


  • Foster a culture of inquiry and cooperation that will provide the integration of basic and clinical research across the various research studies and programs.
  • Encourages cooperation as it serves to involve the participation of the stakeholders including research groups and teams; faculties and universities; research centers and institutes; governmental and private sectors; the public and biotechnology industries.
  • Focus outward to communicate and promote the value of CETH and its research activities and programs; academic staff; scientists; people and vision to other researchers, partners and supporters of CETH.
  • Embodies leadership to create new knowledge and transfer technology in all programs relevant to CETH and to ensure research results can be translated into improved health and quality of life in Saudi Arabia.
  • Promotes research excellence and integrity to build and sustain capacity across the various research studies and programs of CETH and its focus to build an international reputation for research excellence.
  • Stimulates and fosters innovation in research and its application within CETH and with other faculties and research centers and institutes in Saudi Arabia.
  • Embodies the highest of honesty, integrity and Islamic ethics.

The leadership of CETH, including the Director, its Advisory Board, Directors of Research Programs and administration, will be responsible for achieving the results of the Strategic Plan of CETH. Performance evaluation linked directly to the Vision, Mission, and Objectives with discrete measures and indicators, will form the basis for accountability. The performance of the center will be measured on an ongoing basis providing focal point for efforts directed towards achieving CETH mission and research objectives. The CETH will employ the approach of Planning, Reporting and Accountability Structure (PRAS) as its formal performance measurement framework. Accountability will be achieved through open and transparent processes that facilitate review, input and feedback on performance and results from all research, educational, training and development activities and research programs at the CETH.

The purpose of the CETH is to promote and conduct multidisciplinary research studies, both basic and clinical to improve the diagnosis, management and therapy of thrombosis and hemostasis with emphasis on diagnosis using functional genomics, functional proteomics, stem cell research, clinical trails, biomarkers and genetics / pharmacogenomics of the disease. The CETH will act as a catalyst to facilitate the transfer of technology and accelerate national and international collaboration and links with biotechnology industries in relation to Thrombosis & Hemostasis. The center provides structure to the multidisciplinary network of researchers among various faculties within KSU and other governmental and private sector agencies to enhance educational awareness and training development programs in Saudi Arabia. It will use currently existing research and clinical service activities and facilities.

The main goal of the CETH that agrees with the mission and vision of the center is:

To relieve human suffering by pursuing excellence in thrombosis & hemostasis  research, teaching and bring about key technology transfer.