Advisory Board Members

Abdulrahman Al Musa( KSA )Ibtisam Bakhsh( KSA )
Ahmed Al Sagheir( KSA )Ismail El Alamy( France )
Ahmed Tarawah( KSA )Karen R. Baker( USA )
Ali Al Shanqeeti( KSA )Layla Bashawri( KSA )
Assad Haffar( Canada)Mahasen Al Saleh( KSA )
Clive Kearon( Canada)Mohamed H. Qari( KSA )
Essam Abo ElNazar( KSA )Mohammed AlSheef( KSA )
Fahad Al Hamid( KSA )Nervana Bayoumi( KSA )
Farjah H. Al Gahtani( KSA )Randa Nounou( KSA )
Flora Peyvandi( Italy )Rubina Khan( KSA )
Galila F. Zaher( KSA )Thomas Ortel( USA )

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